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Given the varied landscape that characterizes our region is the ideal place to practice cycling, hiking and horseback riding. The recovery and adaptation of three greenways that are in our area we can now reach, on foot or pedal stroke, from deep Girona Pyrenees to the Costa Brava warm and bright, but blows to each ride, each step, the diversity of landscape, people and products with which we find along the road. Read more / view activities
Fly wherever the wind takes you ... Figueres Girona, the Empordà plain, the volcanic area of Garrotxa Gavarres ... etc.. Enjoy the scenery from the air Girona is one of the most delicious ways to fall in love with this country. Traveling in a balloon and flying ultralights are surely some of the experiences that are remembered for a long time ...
For lovers of the sea and nautical activities in Girona coast has modern and renovated port facilities that offer the opportunity to practice water sports in most of the beaches and marinas. Sports such as diving, kayaking, sailing, catamaran sailing, water skiing or snoorkeling ... Two hundred kilometers of coastline with marine, marinas, shopping and schools, two parks and a marine reserve are the perfect venue to become the protagonist. Read more / view activities
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Flying balloon is an unforgettable experience. A climb into one of the safest air devices will enjoy a quiet and a projection view inexplicable.

Experience an ultralight flying and learn its basics. This aerial view as the crow flies you will meet one needs to always desired.

Discover and learn about the places of Girona, the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees is to check that the character of men and women of this land is friendly, hospitable and welcoming and, from time immemorial, have become the architects of our country in one of the most attractive destinations in the world.
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